our vision is to make our products available for everyone.

Jukola Industries is young, innovative finnish company designing and producing high-end wood surfaces for construction and interiors. Our vision is to make progress and grow to serve our customers in different parts of the world. we want to develop into a brand known as a pioneers of artistic algorithmic wood processing, as well as pioneers providing selectively harvested wood as an ecological choice.

We have developed a cutting-edge wood cutting process that enables us to produce our customer’s ideas and identity on wood surfaces. In a short time, designers and architects have discovered our new technology for their projects. Our aim is to create a global store system which enables anyone to be inspired by our work and get access to our products.

Our main products are interior and exterior panels. We also produce a range of other wood products such as geometric wood structures that support technical architecture.

Because Jukolaind products are genuine wood, they can be used anywhere in the interior and exterior, even in spa departments. The most complex pattern panels are produced as numbered pieces that are assembled by screwing in numerical order.

Forests are the most important part of our ecosystem on Earth. One of our mission is to raise the awareness of selectively harvested forestry method, which enables the ecosystem to recover and renew itself naturally.

Industrial Design

If our customers need product design that combines different areas, Jukolaind offers industrial designers who apply methods to develop a solution. These projects can be detailed level things, or for example a series of product development structures. We often recommend the use of industrial design in projects as it raises completely new alternatives.


You can find a wide range of ready-made wood panel textures and patterns on our website. 


In addition, you can send us a picture, text or idea that we can customize for your own panels.


Our team of top designers can create your overall architectural plan or be part of your project.

Jukolas algorithmic programming creates endless possibilities for producing visual wood surfaces.


Algorithm-aided design

Algorithmic programming is a modern and effective way to support construction and architecture.


Nature is the largest playing field of algorithms. Several algorithmic solutions can be found in nature.

Endless Possibilities

Jukolas algorithmic programming creates endless possibilities for producing visual wood surfaces.

Algorithm-aided design is the key method to generate geometric and variable structures.”

Toni Österlund, architect