Jukola lumber

Jukola Lumber offers the opportunity to choose value-based, selectively harvested wood for construction. The method is friendly for the forests since it enables the forest ecosystem to remain remain vital and the landscape to look untouched.

Jukola Lumber Oy is a producer of construction timber for interior and exterior cladding panels. We have carried out product development based on the ecological harvesting method and further processing chain. The result is a new selectively harvested timber.

The processing value of selectively harvested timber is based on a raw material production chain that is comparable to organic food products. It is a mechanically harvested but forest-saving product that is available as standard sawn and planed. Selectively harvested timber is intended for environmentally conscious customers for all construction.

A truly ecological wood material brings environmentally friendly content value to building timber, which is often a key selection criterion in the choice of materials for construction sites. In addition, selectively harvested timber is particularly suitable for construction sites whose content is related to nature or natural values, such as pilot sites in the South Konnevesi nature tourism area.


1. The raw material is Finnish wood, eg pine or spruce

2. The design and implementation of selectively harvested timber are prepared together with a long-term expert specializing in the method of continuous cultivation. This means a person or organization with more than a year of experience full-time in continuous rearing logging planning. Exemplary partners in Finland are Innofor’s forest services and the forest service Arvomets√§, as well as, for example, their experienced field workers.

3. Harvest work specific to the felling of uncut wood is planned and carried out using the continuous cultivation method and in accordance with section 10 of the Forest Act. The planning of the timber harvesting and the harvesting work itself is carried out in such a way that the target plot partially preserves the forest structure of different ages, decaying wood and a viable forest cover containing different tree species according to the target. Harvesting is planned and implemented taking into account the special features of the site, species characteristics – and landscape aspects. Timber harvesting can be done mechanically, but the harvesting is carried out in such a way that the forest still looks like a forest after harvesting operations.

4. Under-thinning or other preparatory measures for open felling are not accepted for raw material procurement.

5. The producer shall assign the supervision and responsibility for the planning of harvesting and the implementation of harvesting work in accordance with these criteria to the partner in accordance with point 1.

6. The selectively harvested timber processing chain operates in such a way that the over-harvested wood raw material according to items 1-5 is stamped and kept separate throughout the further processing chain.
The producer is responsible for the quality and further processing chain of unopened timber from the roadside stack onwards through the further processing chain all the way to customer delivery. The customer receives approximately 99% of the selectively harvested timber in accordance with the criteria recorded here.

7. The producer reserves all rights to the selectively harvested timber product, product group and its derivatives. Specifically, the producer reserves all rights to decide, specify and update its criteria for the development of an selectively harvested wood product on the market.


Dimensions for sawn timber