Jukola Industries

is an innovative Finnish company that designs and manufactures custom wood structures for construction. We have plenty of  textures and patterns to choose from. You can also give us an idea or an image and we can very likely turn it into a wooden interior or exterior trim.

Jukola Industries offers geometric design and game-changing wood products for a wide range of customers.”



Finnish forests belong to the world’s largest terrestrial biomass: taiga (also known as boreal forest). These forests and the surrounding Arctic dimension have shaped Finnish people and business models to be very honest and innovative.
Jukola Ind has grown in this environment, and we want to serve our customers with these northern values. We are inspired by nature and respect it´s diversity.




Jukola Industries is a young and innovative wood surface producer from Finland. Product research and development began in 2012 and the company was founded in 2017.

Jukola Industries is based on the creation of industrial designer Jouni Lehmonen. He has combined innovative milling techniques with cutting edge design software to produce decorative wooden panels. The company’s working methods are multi-complex. Software development was done by Toni Österlund, an architect specializing in algorithmic software design. Jani Jääskä, an industrial multipurpose expert, has developed production methods.  

Despite being a fairly new company, Jukola Industries has already worked for a wide range of customers both in Finland and internationally. Recently Jukola obtained international patent approval for its production methods.