Sample projects

we have worked with big and small companies, public and private customers. we want to make our products available for everyone who gets inspired of our work. on this page you can find some examples of our projects that we have built and photographed.

Wilderness Hotel juutua

Wilderness Hotel Juutua is a stylish hotel on the shore of the River Juutua, just a short walk from the Inari village services. This wonderful reception desk is our combination pattern Välke. You can also find the same pattern on the restaurant side. The pattern continues even on the sides of the desk.
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Renkomäki school

Our photo walls with a different twist in the Renkomäki School in Lahti. Four walls are made from local topography maps. Some of the surfaces are also curved and create a nice effect on the wall. It's always great when we get to implement some local theme in the build and what's more local than the map itself!
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Sawohouse sauna department

Sawohouse sauna department from Kuopio. In the dressing room, a wonderful rasterized photo surface with a door integrated into the build. The wall is made from a real photo. On the sauna side, on the other hand, there is a Spruce pattern that goes around the whole room. The implementation is quite wonderful and the forest and animal theme creates a great atmosphere. Made in collab with interior designer Tiina Ruotsi.
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kajo finnjamboree event pylons - evo

Jukola Industries' wooden event pylons for the Kajo - Finnjamboree 2022 event at Evo. Kajo is the eighth big camp; finnjamboree organized by the Finnish Scouts, which gathers thousands of scouts in the forests of Evo, both from Finland and abroad. The pylons have a lot of detail and different textures. Jukola Ind has implemented event pylons for several different events and they can also serve as permanent gates for attractions or tourists sites.

wave space devider

Our wave can also be used as a space divider. A subtle wave effect divides the kitchen from the rest of the space. The wave surface can also be made transparent like this, or it can also be solid not see through. Waves have been popular for private homes as smaller projects like this. In this build, the wave effect has been made quite restrained, but the pattern can also be made stronger if desired.

Custom fair booth - travel fair 2024

The municipality of Konnevesi participated in the travel fair in January 2024 at the Helsinki Fair Center. Jukola ind built a small practical booth for them. The centerpiece of the booth was a Finnish map darts board, with the target of the customer's services as bull's eye. The darts board drew a lot of people to the booth, and the throwers certainly remembered the location of the town. The booth had a built-in storage space (see video), shelf space for brochures and products, some Jukola ind panel and of course the national park logo was also built into the booth from wood.
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Architech office walls

Lukkaroinen Arkkitehdit Oy Office walls with our päre panel. The panel is widely used in office interior design. Here is a good example of how the panels fit in different places in the same space.
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art school lumit

Kuopio Art School Lumit: Our vinopaanu texture can be found on several floors. The downstairs corridor also has a paneled ceiling. Lamps, security cameras and other accessories are beautifully embedded in the wood. Upstairs, there is a curved surface around the quiet workspace, which is done with our customized tongue and groove technique.

Tall geometric wave surface

A two-story tall geometric wave surface reaching all the way to the ceiling in this beautiful private residence build. The wave shapes really show up in this massive wall. The dark color also creates a good contrast to the otherwise light interior. The wave surface can be made small or large according to the customer's needs.
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roots of a tree - bedroom wall

A customized bedroom in a private apartment. The backboard wall is depicting a root system of a tree. The beautifully lit wall that stretches from the floor to the ceiling is truly unique. We can make a three-dimensional wooden surface from slats with any theme you want. Even a photo will do! Project is a custom art piece and totally unique design by: Jouni Lehmonen. 3D renderings are made from hand drawn designs. See the pictures down below.

Original Sokos hotel lappee

Original Sokos Hotel Lappee. The reception desk of the hotel in Lappeenranta is made with our Letti texture panel. The same panel can be found at the counters of Restaurant VENN, located on the ground floor of the hotel. The rooms, on the other hand, have our Konnevesi texture, which creates a very warm and peaceful atmosphere in the room.
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Metsäwood's offices - rauma

Several of our photo surfaces can be found at Metsäwood's offices in Rauma. The pictures are, of course, made in accordance with the theme and are very detailed. Our Tähti panel texture can also be found in the office pilars and in the kitchen areas. We can create a wall from any photo. You just need the rights to use it.
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Private home livingroom

A stylish living room wall made with a white diagonal vinopaanu texture. The light brings out a pattern from above. The white wall blends in well with the interior of the same tone and creates a soft atmosphere in the room. We do a lot of build for private residences. If you want your room's wall to come to life, just choose the texture you like from the wide selection.

Salla national park - lean-to shelters

The lean-to shelters in Salla National Park are made with our Spruce texture. Western Capercaillie, the national park's signature species, also graces the edge with its presence, which creates a local character for the build. There are also two of our cold huts along the route. The exterior is made with the same Spruce texture and the same theme has also been followed with the signature species. The inside roof is made with ind slat panels.

novapolis - cowork restaurant

In the restaurant Novapolis Kuopio, an additional look has been created with our käpy panels. The panel is placed on two sides. It is not the length of the entire wall, but it brings quite a lot of life and expression to the otherwise gray decor. Our other textures can also be found in the same building.
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Minimani store

The wave surface can also be made in this style. The long sides of the Minimani store really come to life from this effect created with straight slats. The edge of the wave seems to sink into the wall. The meat, fish, and milk counters are quite an impressive sight. Watch the video also from the link! Also check out other examples of the different kinds of methods we create wave surfaces.
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Suur-savo OP bank - mikkeli

Suur-Savo OP Bank's Mikkeli branch has four different art wood walls from Jukola Industries. The walls are made from real photos, and themes are inspired by the local region of Saimaa. The surface of the water and the landscape of Neitvuori Hill create local character in the walls. Walls are located in the corridors and two conference rooms.
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Hotel Suomutunturi - Kemijärvi

Hotel Suomutunturi, located in Kemijärvi, has utilized several Jukola ind textures. In the lobby, the reception desk and its back wall are made out of kuurankukka ( frostflower ) texture. In the adjacent space, from where you can see the skislopes, our piilu texture has been used. You can also find the same texture in the restaurant's, but in a different color. Jukola ind has also implemented logos and signs for the hotel.
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Kitee ABC - Service Station

In the interior of Kitee ABC Service Station, our letti (braid) texture has been used quite extensively. The panel can be found on counters, buffet tables, and wall details that reach up to the ceiling. There is also texture in the cabinet doors that open. Letti is one of Jukola's original textures.
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sokos hotel arina

At the Original Sokos Hotel Arina in Oulu, you can find several Jukola ind products. Our päre texture has been used in the interior of the lobby. The wall next to the elevator with the same panel will certainly not go unnoticed by anyone. There are several rooms, but the example pictures show a room made with kärkipaanu. Our products can also be found in other Finnish Sokos Hotels.
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aallonharja business Center

The Aallonharja Business Center in Otaniemi has a huge amount of our surfaces. Most of the walls in the lobby, canteen, coffee- and meeting rooms are decorated with our Päre texture panel. In the sauna area, there are also some slatted panels from Jukola ind on the ceiling. As a special note in the restaurant, notice the wonderfully executed curved surface with a customized tongue and groove.
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Rakennustyö Salminen Oy - kuopio

Rakennustyö Salminen Oy's office walls in Kuopio are decorated with our Pilke texture. The slightly sparkling paint and Pilke texture are a simple but elegant combination. The wall runs the length of the entire office and is visible to everyone from the glass-walled workspaces. The most observant will also notice the local theme in the stickers on the glass doors of the Puijo tower.
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Market hall - Joensuu

Our combination pattern has been used on the walls of the Joensuu Market Hall. It goes around the entire outer wall and even the ceiling layer has some additional details with the same pattern. The shape in question consists of six boards, so the pattern stands out from afar. There are also more panels on the balcony where Restaurant VENN is located.
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Tampere university hospital - birch of pirkkala

This Jukola ind rasterized photo wall is located in Tampere University Hospital. The picture depicts a local tree species called Birch of Pirkkala which got its name from a specimen found in 1862 in the area. The picture was made with local themes and topics in mind.
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Jukolaind co-sponsored the international NAPAPIIRI-JUKOLA orienteering event. Founded in 1946, the Legendary Competition was held in 2021 in Rovaniemi, Finland. We designed and implemented 3 main gates for the race village. Each gate consisted of two 7.2m high columns. The surface of the pillars was patterned in the spirit of Lapland. Respecting the values of nature, as well as the spirit of the sporting event, gate structures were selectively harvested timber. The project was very pleasant for Jukolaind, and the gates received very positive feedback. Jukolaind thanks all parties for their cooperation.

Oliver's Corner Irish Pub – ROVANIEMI


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Custom wall in Varkaus hospital caferia lobby.



Custom wall behind the front desk in Varkaus Hospital.









Jukola Rock Bar & Grill 82 | Kemi - 5


Photographic walls are custom and unique. This Pitula wooden wall was designed and built for Habitare fair, representing two generations and long history of Pitula furniture.


Wood art in Heureka wild wild wood exhibition.


Wood art in Heureka wild wild wood exhibition.

Merilampi law office

Custom wall at merilampi law office in Helsinki. This unique piece of art was created using only selectively harvested wood.


Custom tree in Berlin.


Black custom wall in Tampere JIS office. SHORT VIDEO OF Jukola Industries – BLACK OCTAGON (TEXTURE:431-0) located in Pirkkala, Finland (JIS-automation office)

Jukola 3d Star texture & wave roof

This private house in Finland has Jukola 3d Star texture walls and Jukola wave roof surface. Base material is Lunawood.


Lobby in Mikkeli Central Hospital.


This front desk is in Mikkeli Central Hospital.


Cafeteria in Mikkeli Central Hospital.


This quiet room can be found at Mikkeli Central Hospital.

Puijo Tower Cafeteria

Cafeteria in the legendary Puijo tower in Kuopio, Finland. Every wooden element was built using selectively harvested wood.

Puijo Tower Restaurant

Jukola designed and installed this unique spruce surface to the legendary Puijo tower in Kuopio, Finland. All wooden elements were built using selectively harvested wood.


Jukola designed and installed this amazing snowflake surface to Inventio law office in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

Finnair HeAr THE TASTE

Jukola 206-0 texture in Finnair Hear the Taste event in Stockholm, Sweden. This pop up restaurant was designed by Production Mill Hiili.

Apukka Resort

Jukola cone texture creates a unique style for this glass igloo on the Arctic Circle. The base material of the surface is Lunawood.


Jukola custom art raster at VTT, Technical research center Tampere, Finland. Base material Lunawood.


Jukola custom pattern at VTT, Technical research center Tampere, Finland. This interior cladding base material is Lunawood.

arctic treehouse HOTEL

In 2018 The Arctic Treehouse Hotel built new suites at Rovaniemi. Customer requested the Jukola design and ordered custom made exterior wall surfaces. These surfaces were made of fine 28mm thick tongued wood panels, which will provide protection from the winds of the arctic circle and giving a detailed exterior finish for the luxury tree cabins. Jukola Industries thanks for the good cooperation.


This combination of two boards creates a Jukola star pattern. This pattern surface is at Metsäwood's head office in Espoo. The base material is Lunawood.


Our private customer wanted a three-dimensional wood art in his new home. We made his dream come true by creating this work of art.


We also design and create service counters with related texts and logos. This Glass Resort desk is Jukola cladding, consisting a milled logo covered with brass.


Jukola wood surfaces can also be used in sauna and spa areas. This custom pattern is located in the building of the University of Helsinki.

Restaurant Mierontie

Roof Interior and counters


2018 was the anniversary of Finnish independence. The Finnish Science Center Heureka wanted an exhibition for the future, with the exclusive selection of Jukola's new-generation wood surfaces.


This wall is made to describe the legendary Finnish caramel product Salmiakki, the shape of which can be seen on this wall.


Although this area is located in a modern Helsinki airport resort, the customer wanted to bring a traditional Finnish feeling to it.