Surface Elements

If necessary, Jukolaind manufactures geometric wood surfaces as elements.
Good examples to choose from Jukola elements:
1. Elements accelerate surface mounting in construction.
2. Reduce work on site.
3. Ensure the success of the designs.
Jukola’s elements have either a wood or metal frame to which the patterned panels are attached. The size and shape of the structure will be designed as needed and the pieces can be numbered if necessary. Elements can be assembled as a numbered puzzle.
Frame thickness varies as needed, and its partition can also be modified. Usually, it is advisable to order surface elements with a weight of less than 70 kg, and less than 3m in length for convenient handling.
However, we can also produce machine-liftable surface elements.
We recommend straight-edge elements and a small mounting clearance between the elements.
When designing the elements, the installation site measurements should be carried out with care. In dimensioning it is also good to take into account the natural changes in wood material.
You can send us the dimensions of the entire wall area and we can design the surface elements that fit the target.