Texture 107-2

Starting from 47,89 €/m² vat 0%

Starting from 59,38€ /m² vat 24%

Material: Pine or heat treated pine (heat treated pine approx. 20% more expensive compared to normal pine)

Surface quality: fine sawn or planed

Surface treatment: finished by customer´s choice

Lengths: Max length 3600mm. Will be cut into the right length. Can be delivered also as a complete, pre-installed element.

Dimensions: 26 x 92mm (tongued, total surface width approx. 86mm). Also other dimensions available, for example 28 x 120mm (tongued, total surface width approx. 110mm)

Length (m): 3,0 – 4,2

Consumption ( 1m²): 11,76m/m²